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Author arachnid
Tags action author:arachnid classic featured playable rated
Created 2004-06-05
Last Modified 2009-05-16
by 332 people.
Map Data

Description It's N pinball!
Kudos to anyone who can not only complete it, but post a demo of them getting every single gold piece. :)

This map was featured on 2014-06-05

Hello. I hope your days are going well. I thought it was only appropriate to feature this map on its 10th anniversary, as most (if not all) of the users seem to have stumbled upon it, and played it, at one time or another. We've come quite a long way since maps like this; from bitesized to featured maps, from half to full-rates, and everything else in between, there's been quite some change since NUMA's early days.

Here's to another 10 years! — Sunset


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I just felt like

commenting on this map for no apparent reason.

P.S. Is Arachnid still around?


such an enormous amount of history in these comments. Only been here six months so far, hopefully someday I'll be able to look back upon this like everyone else is now.
I used to be this! [][/b[

Pasta filled with


Out of those 10

I have played for 8 years now. Glad to still be a part of this amazing thing


fuck you, OrsII!


until someone ruins it...
I never commented on this map, not even played it, maybe that's why my maps are so bad... :P Anyway, there is always a chance to remedy mistakes. Happy tenth anniversary NUMA!

At least until I have my 200 episodes completed.
I'm proud to have contributed to its legacy :)
And it doesn't even feel like two years...mainly because I haven't been here for two but that's besides the point.

10 years...

Well hey! Happy birthday NUMA! Moving on to double digits!


To another ten!

Damn. I can still remember that spine-tingling feeling of submitting a map for the first time, nearly nine years ago now. This place has changed so much, but I still love it. Thanks to all you still around!
I thought I had had a stroke.


N has been popping up on my life in surprisingly many different and unrelated occasions along the years, though NUMA only came into the picture 7 years ago or something. Though we are past our prime, I'll still be optimistic :)

what the where?

where did all that time go!
I know I haven't been on NUMA all that time, but I do remember 2004 quite well...


10 years. Unbelieveable

holy shit

is this for real

Great choice Sunset

Happy 10th anniversary NUMA!
gettin all misty-eyed over here

well that failed



/ \

Hey man!

Not sure if you check NUMA anymore or if you will get this message, but the avatars aren't working anymore. When we try to change our avatar it just says "Internal Error". If you can fix that, it would be awesome!!:D

Imean 10th



Double post!
NUMA's birthday!


how'd i die?
Demo Data



so when is this going to be featured


Now it´s 315

314 votes

That's like π*100 rounded down to the nearest integer.


I often visit this map and it hardly gets any comments at all. Odd...

Strange difficulty. Pretty hard to be honest.

Hey look, 3/3/13

I guess that's pretty lucky/unlucky. Doesn't make pinball any easier :P

Holy Ninja!!!

cant believe im making my first comment on the first level on NUMA!

Sub-1000 AGD

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