Bent Map, Pt. 2

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Author skyline356
Tags action author:skyline356 changingenemies featured playable rated
Created 2007-08-27
by 10 people.
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Description WOAH

This map was featured on 2012-10-17

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I present you with item one: Bent Map, Pt. 2. Created on the 27th day of August, 2007, this map is an airtight alibi. The use of mines and floorguards; the casual yet beautiful tiles; the simple gold squares. These are all indications that the defendant, skyline256, spent several hours at home constructing the map and therefore would not, could not have been present at the untimely beheading of the member formerly known as pawz.

My dear jury, would you sentence this innocent boy to his death? — Aidiera

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nailed it

sub 1000 AGD
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I told you



a lot of users try to escape the numbers at the end of their names...

there's a lot of space and not much going on in this map. I wish the trip back had more spice like wowza
here's a failure demo
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Good, not amazing though.
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Demo Data


plays pretty well, didn't really wow me though
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Aesthetics: 3/5.
Fun: 6.5/10.
Enemies: 7/10.
Total: 16.5/25. I liked the other better.



Nice Map 4.5/5

sad demo :(
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i'm bored