concrete schoolyards

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Author uNcoNditioNal
Tags action author:unconditional playable rated
Created 2007-10-17
Last Modified 2007-10-17
by 14 people.
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Description we were just sitting out on the step...

i like it when drone paths really work well

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Thanks for all the extra comments guys. And Hendor, sweet demo there mate.

Fast AGD

I think I bypassed the whole drone paths thing. Oh well, I can see how they'd work. Nice design. 4.5aved
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almost 1000 degrees C. or something.


Thank you!

:D <3

you're incredible

and nobody should care if your style stays the same (and it doesn't)

Not enough

demos on this beauty.
It's very nice.
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Great map!

Those drones really get to ya.
I like the general gameplay, though.

Solid 4/5.


nice map

that you make these maps in 30 min.
please dont tell me that.
because this is so fun.
because this is so fun.


looooooool major clsoe call with guard floor
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just for you yahoozy, as i know how you hate unvarying maps.