Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe

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Author GreenEggsAndHam
Tags action author:greeneggsandham bitesized playable rated
Created 2007-12-21
Last Modified 2007-12-21
by 20 people.
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Description Really don't like the last section ;_;

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I was revisiting my favorites, and played this again. Frickin'. Awesome. <<<<<<3333. NUMA would be waaay better if you came back. Definitely my favorite mapper.

and faster AGD, ;______;.
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Okkervil River is my favorite band :)
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so close

oh well
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i like the tileset

i like the concept. but agd really isnt any harder than completion.

I agree with Alex.

I really really liked the right and left sides unlike most of you guys.

5 out of fucking 5.

1st go

reall interesting gameplay. nice and fresh =]
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The middle is great, though.
the switches/floorguard combination is a well-balanced combination. the drones also worked well.
there is really nothing i find wrong with this map.


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I really like the end section. You've definitely tried your very best on this map.


for the level

Nice one Izzy.

And thanks Alex :)

oh and

its an AGD


frames, I feel special, even though i could've knocked off about 5-10, YEeEs
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Lovin' it

1566 frames

9 less than the current high score but i missed 1 gold
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Aww crap

wow same frame number as uncon!
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Just wow.

This is such a brilliant map, five out of five and a bitesize.

So many things I love about this. First off, the way it looks, I love those little decorations at the bottom and also the combination of thin and curvy tiles, it makes it feel like a really clean level. Second, the gameplay is perfect; the difference in difficulty between AGD and plain completion is perfect, just generally a really nice level to play. There are all these little minimalistic sections, the floorguards and switches thing, the main drone + gauss chamber which just work really well. Lastly, I really like the use of bounceblocks, in this level they're so versatile and you end up using them from all angles making you feel like youve really properly played the map to its fullest.

In short, I think this is a really, really well made and well balanced map.
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Great fun

loved it 4.5 ^^