A is the heavenly option

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Author GreenEggsAndHam
Tags action author:greeneggsandham bitesized easy episodic playable rated turtle-is-hot
Created 2007-12-24
by 13 people.
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Description Easy entry for turtle's series competition.

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but never got to commenting on it. so, here me out. I've a lot to say.

I think this map is pretty good. It's fun and enjoyable. The tileset is pretty nice. However, it is very short. and you said "Revised, as I felt it wasn't easy enough". how much easier can this map get? It must've been extremely difficult at first.
And I have to say this, I don't think this is bitesize worthy. there's no amazing concept and it's incredibly short (look I was able to beat this in under 400 frames). there's no real innovation here.
But still, I think this deserves a 4
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seemed a little laking, but still a great map
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but pretty short.

Very enjoyable

I prefer easy maps myself, so this was a pleasure to play. I'm looking forward to the next two.

Jonny: What GreenEggsAndHam said. If you played the main game of N,think of the Hunted/Hunted II/Hunted Redux levels.


It really annoys me when people associate difficuly with quality in maps.
They think of fun maps, as hard/spammed/not-well-made.
Or maybe I'm just a little too fucking harsh. :]

I liked it

a little too easy though. But the tileset and gold/mine
placement was good.
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make a series of episodic maps: an easy one, a medium one, and a hard one. This one being the easy one, therefore I wanted it to be simple and easy-going.

Thanks Eric /and/ Alex :)


ya i completely messed up that demo data, i wonder if it will do anything...i think the real one is below...
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Phew, I didn't refresh the page and Max_Ride bitesized it for me. I can sleep easy!

Another great map.

Really good looking, the thumb doesn't really do it justice, it's bloody marvelous full screen. The gameplay is really nice too, easy but insanely replayable. I enjoyed playing it a lot.

Now, what I'm going to do is 5/5, favourite and bitesize this map, then go into hiding, lest anyone get peeved with how good these maps of yours are and out of gealousy want to batter the head in of the person who rightfully bitesized the maps with a rusty spade.
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TOO easy

what exactly is the turtles series then? thats one of the easist levels ive played, tho i usually look for the hardest ones. It took me about like 5 seconds of one try to beat
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Beat mine. No doubt.

5 out of five + Faved + Bitesized = This Map