Comeche Moon

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Author Mekkah
Tags action author:mekkah featured rated
Created 2007-12-25
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This map was featured on 2012-06-06

There he stands on a war-torn hill, peppered with dead enemies. He himself took down ten foreign foes, all with his beloved tomahawk and his two bare hands. The young men and bloodied boys cry for a rebellion, but he knows better. More soldiers will be here soon, bringing with them more guns and more passion. Slowly he climbs to the top of the hill, and calls to the four winds:

["I am Comeche Moon, and I will be free!"

A soldier hiding in a tree shoots him through the chest. Ouch. Tough luck Moony. — Aidiera

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funky, addictive map..

Also, my run is improvable if you have enough patience to combine my speediness with the laser/one-ways ending...
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fun map
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Damn that [.

little bit better

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worthy map

fun to figure out each little section.
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It's great!

I really thought the lasers worked nice.
I didn't care for the rocket with the 2 switches in it, but it didn't take away that much...

Anyway, level was good. Gameplay needed a bit of spicing up. It was a relaxing level, but not to the point that it was enjoyable.
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pretty fun.
feels abit.. i dno.
im not sure
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especially the climb after the exit switch...
great aesthetics, great gameplay, 5aved.