I won't lie to you.

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Author GreenEggsAndHam
Tags action author:greeneggsandham playable rated
Created 2008-02-22
Last Modified 2008-02-22
by 11 people.
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Description "No matter how many records I buy, I can't fill this void."

Dedicated to MaximumRide for being honest with me :)

Didn't turn out quite how I wanted it, as I haven't worked out how to do glitched tiles yet :(

Edited. Too many drones? Try this version:

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prefer the original. this version's absolute drone overkill, imo.


Nice map - check mine out if you get a chance.


I like it.
The rest was alright though. Didn't care for the looks at all. And it felt a little choppy to run through. Not my fave.

I think the drones worked really really well here.
I think the worst part is the double gauss. Also, the general structure of the map is poor.



The drone thing is a cool concept, but it feels overdone. The double-drones and the way as soon as one leaves another comes dictates how you play the map. It didn't feel fun & free, it almost felt linear. Also, I don't care for the design on this very much, and the gameplay overall feels bland on occasion (like my stuff sometimes). Just feels like switch and gold collecting.

Also, the, "less drone" version is much better. Maybe a revision or two...

not as fast

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this felt fast.

was it?
Demo Data
I wasn't sure if it would make people's computers lag or not...
Thanks anyway :)


I love this map, the original is even better I think, more intense, some of the close calls were amazing with the two extra set of drones, in fact I've completed the original one and not this one so far. Nice tileset as well, used well.
Now I'm not sure whether to rate this for this map or the unposted one, heck whatever 5/5 and faved.