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Author Msyjsm
Tags action author:msyjsm bitesized featured hard rated
Created 2008-03-03
by 43 people.
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Description *Insert seemingly deep statement--which, upon further analysis, is in fact nonsensical--here*

Dedicated to Arcangelo, because he doesn't. :)

This map was featured on 2008-08-30

Some people believe in things. Christians believe in God. Hindus believe in gods. Jedis believe in the force. Romantics believe in love at first sight. The occasional person might believe in ufos. Some people believe in change. Simian Mobile Disco believe that you could be what they need to believe.

I think this is a good map, and you'll like it. The map itself focuses around belief; quite a diverse and wide ranging topic indeed. There's some gold, some mines, and some far out gameplay, which might just leave your perceptions of the world in tatters. It might not though. — mintnut

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I like you because your avatar is Yoshi...

Fucking gun review mate, I'm rating this for Mintnut

Yes it will be.

The top section is a bitch altogether, while the bottom is relatively easy.

And um... no... no I'm not.

I think it is.

I've been able to do each section individually in debug mode(non-fbf of course), so all I have to do now is string them together.
I want to see if this is possible to beat without the trap doors... (Except for the two that block the tunnels)

I'll post a demo if I get it.


Pick the soul right out of my heart


Faster demo :D
Demo Data


i believe i believed
Demo Data
but gameplay was nice.

Believe, more like

"let Xaelar do the dirty work and prove its possible..."
That demo was sick dude.
Cant do the fall on the left side, or else, I think I can get an AGD on this...


THAT is probably the SICKEST demo i have EVER seen!
Damn you are good. And it is a great explanation to the level. 5/5aved.


I believed as you can see :D
Demo Data


You asked me to believe! How could you do this to me? =(

Explanation Demo-
Demo Data

Awesome-O 2000

This is yust awesome. one of the better minejumpers i "Believe" Haha, rated it 5.
But you just have to believe.


looks impossible

And same goes

for the map. :D




That review was amazing.


i could tell that this was a mintnut review before i read who wrote it. nice job msyjsm! the map...well, it's too hard for me, anyway.
I'd just like to say that I didn't intend for my review to end on such a clich├ęd unfunny comedic line. It was supposed to be a throw away little sentence before leading into the last part of the review - you should never climax too early - but there wasn't enough room. Unfortunately, the last couple of sentences had the least to do with the map (seriously, they were even more tangentially rambling than the first paragraph). So you've got the 100 word limit to blame for the awfully cringe worthy ending.

Enjoy the map anyway, is, I guess the whole point.


True, but I'd prefer to preserve the sanity of anyone playing this map.
for an awesome map.


The first two jumps don't need the traps.





Why are reviews limited to 100 words; I had so much more to say.
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awesome level!
but I cheated the first jump with my mouse :P
belief just doesn't come easy to me
-agd with crappy "where's the button?" ending-
Demo Data




and tricky.
I liked it... :)


great :P 4.5

Hope you don't get sniped like some loser was dishing out to me, this deserves some attention..


Wasn't expecting a bitesize...thanks!



I didn't believe quite enough at the end...
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