Demigod 'o Revenge

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Author topolord
Tags author:topolord bitesized n-art nonplayable rated tileset
Created 2008-04-22
Last Modified 2008-04-23
by 17 people.
Map Data

Description Phew! I haven't made one of these in ages!
This maps based on the art from the magic card "Demigod of Revenge." (surprise, surprise.) I think it ended up looking pretty cool.

switched to sans background

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Made a map.

Tileset ended up changing quite a bit though.
Planned for it to be chaos in a volcano, but the shards were a bit too disrupting, so I got rid of them. Then it looked wrong, being so clean in the empty space and violent elsewhere, so I cleaned up the rest of the tileset.

no of course not!

I don't know how playable it is though...

oooh bitesizeness... yummy.


Mind if I made a map out of this?

For the record:


beautiful display of tileset art


This is sick!


see, wings and head and stuff? it's all trailing stuff which makes it a little hard to see i guess.

Better w/o back.