Volcano 2

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Author topolord
Tags action author:topolord playable tileset unrated
Created 2008-06-15
Last Modified 2008-06-15
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Description some pit 'o despair mechanics in a rather nice volcano shell.

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I'm glad people are still playing these maps! I hope you're enjoying them.


Really good.
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th thwumps

had spoiled it


make a map please

The "Pit of Despair" series were my favorite in the original. This approaches their execution, but not their difficulty, and it doesn't include the retro style.

Still a cool thought.

(Make more maps.)
this seemed a bit random in some places but was fun anyway. AGD
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I'm glad you liked it!

It was.

A little too simple and easy for me. Yet, I liked it a lot.



:D :D