I want to go to Casa Bonita!

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Author crescor
Tags author:crescor crescor curvy easy flow race rated
Created 2008-07-09
Last Modified 2008-07-09
by 12 people.
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Description My first race, so rate/comment gently please:)

I hope I didn't screw up the flow, which isn't the best, but yea..

I used Wumbla's tileset, credits go to him:)

edit- the unnecessairy gold has been removed, also there has been a slight route-adaption

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only problem is, u can skip the biggest room, need to solve that..


Quite good for your first race. Nice Job!

Fastest completion so far!
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Thank you Krypto!

I have checked yours out and indeed, they are way better!


This really is a dog awful map.

I would like that:)

I like making races (I just found out^^)
But making the tilesets I found annoying.., so it's alwas fun when they are made by other ppl:)


you can see where I screwed up the flow, I might make another TS, similar to this one.
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nice, but look at my demo and you can see the screw ups in the flow. nice job though 4/5
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Thanks for the comment

Good Flow.

But you dont need to go through the big chamber with the mines and rockets. Riobe, I told you it was 6 maps :P. Remove half of those trap doors and leave one, the one where the player must jump as soon as N touches it to cross mine gaps.

BTW, if you look at it in a certain way, it kinda looks like a turtle :P

perty good



I'll work on it:)


Pretty good flow and all. But, its not exactly a race if you place gold in places that forces you to leave the flow. Some doors are also there that dont need to be. All in all just needs some polishing.


focus on reporting right now;)

I reported him

and he's been reported before. Anyway,

Edit:*6 maps* :)


That Jamy's quite annoying.
Isn't there anything that can be done?

Thank you

you pushed off all of jamy's maps (7 maps) down. It's ok. Just one thing mainly, gold placement. thats all. 4/5 since it's your first.