Urban Jungle

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Author Guitar_Hero_Matt
Tags action author:guitar_hero_matt chainguns playable rated tileset
Created 2008-10-04
Last Modified 2008-10-04
by 16 people.
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Description Love love love this map to bits. Use/abuse the tileset how you want, just cred me. Ive made a simple map with chainguns and gold for this, so can 50% of the ratings go towards tiles and the others to gameplay, because I think Ive really made something special here.

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fun map, kinda hard jumps.
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would say the trees are awesome smokestacks!

I never knew...

trees could float?

I never knew...

trees could float?

those tiles

they are beastly. i should probably learn how to edit code so i can make drones stand still like these chainguns.
the buildings were quite 'sterile' and 'boring' however. if i hadnt seen em before in this style, i'd think they were awesome


speed completieon = 190 frames
i'd like to seesomeone make a map with these tiles
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I might include more trees in some of my maps


4/5, nice trees

agd - 633 / 126.175
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I liked the trees too. Someone sniped tho :P

loved it.

gameplay was sooo addictive and the trees were awesome.


I thought they worked really well personally, but meh :P

The trees look nice

The building tiles are a little sterile and boring. The gameplay has a nice simplicity, but the chainguns do not work at all with the tiles.
3/5 from me.

Faster agd

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4, agd
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I'd have preffered them to roam around abit, specially since they always got me.

The tiles were O.K, definitely not your best.

But it's a solid map and fun