obstacle course

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Author teraza
Tags author:teraza hard obstacle-course playable teraza unrated
Created 2008-12-31
Last Modified 2008-12-31
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Description you gotta be prepared especially the bit at the top. ( i cant beat it yet)


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ty again

jee your such a good help
my first level is a dda ([url=][/url])


go on my profile and it says my first level is a dda ( i want that linked wat do i do?
this [], right?

Or did I misunderstand you?




how do u link???


Nevermind the first part.

I didn't

In this particular case I just held left the entire time I walljumped.


how do u do the wall jump so fast!!!!

Here's an ok demo

Could be much faster.
Demo Data

ok now do it meta

the proper way!!!!

o well

better uptate
This just made the most sense to me.
Demo Data