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Author Erik-Player
Tags author:erik-player bacon lordday mapdraft mapdraft1 rated
Created 2009-04-22
Last Modified 2009-05-01
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description For MAPDRAFT!

<Glass House Pack>
1 Guass OR Rocket
20 One-Ways

<Hypercore Pack>
3 'One' Tiles
3 'Two' Tiles
3 'Three' Tiles
2 'Four' Tiles
2 'Five' Tiles
2 'Six' Tiles
1 'Seven Tile
1 'Eight' Tile

<Oh My God! Something Went Horribly Wrong!>
Purposefully make at least 6 pieces of gold impossible to obtain.

<Norfair Pack>
2 Floor Guards
16 Mines
1 Blue Drone

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FBF ju

st for fun.

God, I still love this map. You totally deserved what you got, man. Totally.
Demo Data
nice job

probably one of my favorite maps that i've seen so far
you made a decent amount of gameplay out of little enemies and tiles, nice work


Why thank you. <3


and in!


and fun!

This map

is interesting. It feels empty when it really isn't.


Demo Data

haha omg

you got a really weird packset xD


That thumbnail looks atrocious. >_<