Melon Juice

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Author Loquacious369
Tags author:loquacious369 flow fun playable race rated
Created 2009-04-24
Last Modified 2009-04-24
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description I made this level a few months ago but never submitted it... this probably isn't as good as "Lemon Juice" but its still is fun. It also includes teleportation so have fun and plz rate!!!

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Hey, that's cool.

I was just saying that making levels and playing the game is almost like two different games, one of which is far harder than the other to do well.


im just saying that i spent most of my "n-game life" beating the game,,, not making lvs...

Oh =P

Sorry then =)


I meant i made it offline/
They're so different, it's like saying just because you're good at milking cows, you're good at making delicious desserts based around cheese. Not similar at all. Also, this map was made just over one month ago, not months ago.


the months b4 i spent beating n-game... which i did so my ninja is yellow!!!

well sorry!!!

i made this many months ago when i just started n-game... literally my first map so u should say it is a good try... i started numa few weeks ago when i found out about it...



This is NOT good. You just spat objects everywhere and anywhere that could possibly be unthreatening, and then made a couple loops around it. Adding a gimmick doesn't make it good.

yeah, the flow was hard to follow...can you get a demo on here?
it can be really bad at times. Also, don't place gold on top on trap doors swithces in staight lines. Try to have some trap door switches in one spot, so that people know what to do next.


looks very messy,,,and flow was messy aswell.
though i could always seem to find the path easily... some cool concepts in here...keep it up.