Never an Honest Word

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Author Erik-Player
Tags action author:erik-player lordday nnrpg rated rocket
Created 2009-04-27
Last Modified 2009-04-29
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description For that was when I ruled the world.

For nnrpg when it gets back on it's feet. Rocket gym: l_d

For lord_day

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Wasn't it suppost to restart or something, but I need to join that sometime.

It's atmosphereic but still contains tight tunnels to speed through.

I agree with Ganteka though, mainly in the string of E tiles, but still good gameplay.
Creating different gameplays, and I liked it.
Creating different gameplays, and I liked it.

Like this.

Various paths to choose from - I think that's where the appeal lies in this map. The spacey top section added some contrast. Nice use of rockets.

very cool

I felt like the upper central tiles were lacking


Thanks to lord_day, I just learned that I can't use bounceblocks. Much thanks to him, or this wasn't gonna be allowed into the contest. :)

Enjoy, guys!