Lovely shapes

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Author sploje
Tags abstract author:sploje fun race rated
Created 2009-06-21
Last Modified 2009-06-21
by 11 people.
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Description I havn't made a map in a long time, so i need advice please.

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that they miss gold
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what everyone else has said. 3/5:D


That was fun :D

It didn't feel very polished though, it would be a pretty uninspired race if it wasn't for the fact that is was so fast. probably a 3 from me.
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woah, fast start

really fast...

agd - 3 gold but the one at the start would be hard to get without wrecking the flow
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It felt a bit awkward to play. The tiles are probab;y made it feel like that.
i liked the speed...yet it would have been much better if it was maintained for the whole map.
and as for advice...keep on making'll get better. :D
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to make the player go fast. I died several times at the start because the player went too fast. Try to place the player by tiles or slightly in tiles to make the player go fast at the start. In some of my maps, I have quick, consecutive jumps that make the player go faster.
Try to place enemies so that they almost hit and kill the player, but don't. If you get about 10 or more of these in a race, then you will get some more positive rates.
Also, the tiles didn't really look that great, try playing around with the tiles to make something that looks attractive.
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Awesome Race

The first bit was incrredibly fast (maybe just a bit too fast)

you start in the top right (behind the bounce blocks), just you cant see the man