Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?

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Author vox63
Tags action author:vox63 first fun gauss playable rated
Created 2009-07-16
Last Modified 2009-07-16
by 12 people.
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Description This is a re-submission of my first map, so consider this one the real first one. The old one had a back-and-forth element that apparently took too long, so I took out the back-and-forth stuff and tweaked it a little bit.

Hope you enjoy!



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Absolutely fun :D

good flow; the gold placement contributes to that nicely. The doors look pretty cool, how they kinda match the design of the 5-tiles outside the playing area.


Thank you very much.
I'm getting involved here and on the forums so far, and I have a busy life but it's fun and I'm going to make some more time for this game.

Your feedback is extremely valuable to me and I promise I won't advertise again. Sorry about that.

As for the song thing, I think some song titles really suit some maps. This one just felt right. :)

Well, sure,

but it's kind of lazy and if a famous map already has that name it diminishes your own work.

Also, southpaw, why the fuck haven't you been on IRC? We miss you, man.


tl; read it anyway.

I think that comment about not naming your maps after songs/artists is dumb. There are plenty of songs with the exact same name that have different lyrics and a different sound. I figure you can name your map whatever you damn well please.

Besides, I like of Montreal. :) Faved for later.


because this map is fucking brilliant. The fact that it's your first map is amazing, but I've decided not to judge any softer because of it.

Now, the map itself. The biggest flaws I find are in the ninja placement, gold, and doors. The ninja seems placed rather thoughtlessly, with little consideration. The gold fails to fit smoothly into angled corners. The doors are a purely aesthetic complaint. They just look ugly placed like that. Oh, and one more complaint. I'd recommend not naming your maps after songs or albums of any popularity. Chances are it's been done already.

But all that disappears when I start playing, because this map is fun. Untempered, unrestrained, unabashed old-school fun. This is the sort of map they were making before I even knew of N, and it's a style that's still strong today. Before the flashy tiles and pretentious objects of today, people were making maps like this, with fun coming first and foremost, not pretending to be anything more. Your map is rough around the edges, but it's heart is pure gold.

Ahem. So yeah, I kinda like it. Consider yourself lucky to have received such a long comment. Goodness knows I don't usually invest this much time. If you get yourself involved with the community (i.e. join the forums, IRC), you could go places, my man. Good places.
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Sorry I forgot to mention in this re-sub that the title is actually the title of an Of Montreal album.
Excellent album, too!

I thought its eccentricity somehow fit the backdrop of the map.
is the names people come up with for their maps



1000 times better than my maps XD Nice job tho.
lots of replay value but surprisingly linear
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And it would have been nice to see more different enemies possibly rockets considering the environment and a few more interesting mechanisms. Very good for a first though. This agd was going ok till I missed that switch at the bottom and had to go back.
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then I would have suggested checking out this site [], but this is really good.

'Tis great.

Well thanks!

I'll try. :P

Haha it took hours.

And I've been around the game for a while but I just joined NUMA.