the little forgotten sentry

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Author mintnut
Tags author:mintnut pretentious rated
Created 2009-07-22
Last Modified 2009-12-17
by 21 people.
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Description Press H before loading if you don't want to ruin my lovely aesthetics :'(

Many years ago, before the advent of televisions and radios, there was a population of dwarves living in a far off corner of Poland, a corner now long left dormant. This colony of dwarves lived separate from their human counterparts, thanks to a massive brick wall commissioned by the dwarf elders to protect their lucrative secrets from the greedy immoral men whose land they bordered.

One of the dwarves' most closely guarded secrets involved their specialist digging machinery, allowing them to dig deeper and more efficiently than any miners in the land. Of course, the dwarves soon became incredibly rich, mining jewels and metal which their neighbours could not reach. It is said that their immense caverns extended deep into their enemies territories.

Needless to say, the new found riches garnered by the dwarves led to their inevitable downfall, a whole race slaughtered by the callous nature of man.

Today, little is remembered of the dwarves, and many claim their lore to be legend. But in certain regions of the continent, if you listen intently with your ear to the ground, you can hear the forgotten clockwork of the dwarves ancient defense systems, ticking away, stalking the abandoned passageways day after day, night after night.

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yay poland.

5aved because it's an awesome map.

Love it.


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Really good

and the map

*presses H*

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Awesome, but hidden tunnels to hordes of gold would've been much cooler. 4aved.
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But man, you know how to work structure.


Intense tunnel chase involving massive amounts of acid.
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cool idea, it could be longer and more constructive
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I want more.

minty is a great yarn - spinner


Too easy, though.
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It's nice though.
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With some great advice from losttortuga, gloomp and palemoon.

So, yeah, that'll be why people are talking about impossibility down there.


of course it's impossible; couldn't you tell by the "pretentious" tag and the name of the author?

Guys chill out

Minty can do whatever he wants
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I'll see what I can do lost.

Well, it's pretty.

There should be some super mysterious secret path left by the dwarves that they used to access the motherload or whatnot. It would be an adventure!



The ninja fits in the gap if I blow it up into five seperate pieces...
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Not really

I felt like making a massively pretentious impossible map, but with a chaingun pointlessly tracing backwards and forwards...and then, I decided to write a story when I got to the submit section. : ?
He wanted to show that the ninja is one of the "humans" trying to get to the dwarve mines, but once the (ninja / human) reaches the entrance through the tunnel, he/she can't get through it because he/she is too small.

Am I close?

: /

Thanks Radium.


It's supposed to be impossible

Was this supposed to be a small ninja mod because you can't get to the exit


its impossible... you can't even fit through the crack in the end even if the mines wern't there.