Anyway, the wind blows.

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Author flagmyidol
Tags author:flagmyidol onlywest rated
Created 2009-08-03
Last Modified 2009-08-03
by 8 people.
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Description East

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If you

dont mind i may have to try one ;)

Mother ******

this is awesome so badly 5aved.


Earrings, rocks, shirts etc.

Anywho, I need you to start another thread for me. This one can go in Fun & Games.

Title: Wordify That Acronym! (WTA!)

Description: Its really very simple. Each poster has two jobs. They must first "wordify" the above acronym. By this I mean they will submit a word for each letter in the acronym that starts with the given letter. Secondly the poster must either change a letter, add a letter, or delete a letter for the next "wordifier" to "wordify". The "wordified" acronym doesn't necessarily have to be practical or logical, but it must make some grammatical sense. If you need to put in lowercase articles such as 'the' or 'of' to make it work, feel free.


Poster One: TBA

Poster Two: Turnip Biters Anonymous TBU

Poster Three: Toilet Boys United TSBU

I'll start: TNT
Very much appreciated. As for the map, I agree with you about the thumb, but the gameplay makes up for that.

here is a start


Im sad

that you want me to tile...I cant tile well

Pretty simple

but its very nice.

Om Nom Nom


I have my account set up so that it never logs me out unless I do it manually, and since I'm always on the PC at home and I never remember to log out, I can never use my account on another Internet T_______t

so yea, I guess you could say I'm banned from the forums on any computer except the PC. Angst Angst Angst.

By the way

I got a Kokopelli keychain for 7 bucks and it's my new good luck charm. Hasn't left my pocket since I got it. It's made out of some metal made to look like neat, shiny rocks, but i don't mind because it's uber rad.

It's he'll trying to fix your typos on an iPod touch.
Because I can't do it myself.
So just quote me on all of this:

Title: Cirque du Soleil

Post: Cirque du Soleil []

I just saw Saltimbanco the other day in Arizona and already I'm sure it holds the record for the coolest thing I've seen in my fifteen years of life. I hope I'm not the only one in this community who's seen a show of theirs or at least wanted to.


-end quote-
if you could do that for me it'd be great flag. At the very least don't report this comment so it doesn't get deleted so I can do it myself when i get back. Thanks

When you make

more of the maps where you fall down to the groundfloor, if you screw up, write to me on one of your maps. I'll rate it good for you :)

Much improved

Demo Data


much appreciated

Pretty slow AGD

As I screwed it up. But I love these kind of maps. 4/5
Demo Data

gameplay was nice

though i couldnt get to the door trigger. rockets were tough.