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Author flagmyidol
Tags author:flagmyidol open rated unconditional
Created 2009-11-02
Last Modified 2009-11-02
by 8 people.
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Description High time I mapped.

I was going for uNcoN's flawless use of open space here. Didn't quite get it, but it was sure fun trying.

Made in N v1.3, I hope it works okay as far as demos and such.

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kind co clumsy.


do u get the extra bit in your title eg palemoon, the crushloader



loads of fun, very neat a tidy looking too.


Leonard Pinth-Garnell, Reformed Degenerate

very cool



Difficult to get out of that bottom left.


Yeah, love Crowded House, got an two autographs off Neil Finn and one off his brother. Play this in a minute.
Confirms your worth of holding that title.

why thank you, uncon.

(i love it how if i don't map more than once a month, the comment space defaults to a glorified, eclectic message board.)
But a really great map in its own right. I especially like the series of jumps at the beginning. Overall, for such a small and cramped space, you made it feel wonderfully open and fun & replayable, the two most important things in my book. Nice one.
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Much appreciated. ^__^

it took me about

an hour or more


BTW I can't keep beating your demos right now but bring it on. I'll beat it tomorrow.
I haven't read Hamlet yet, though I should. I personally prefer Macbeth to most Shakespeare plays I've seen. And I assume you were speaking of Awesome67's recent bout of trouble with the forum admins?

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Thanks, all.

Martyr, I think I might try again in a few weeks. This didn't go at all how I wanted it too, really.

What Martyr said

The map is fun, though.
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read my comment
also, sweet map.

Good attempt.

I've tried too, but where you failed in his use of open space is:
1. He doesn't use tiles to create flow, but rather the space creates the rhythm
2. It's a little too uptight. He relies on few enemies that work cooperatively

Overall, very good, 4/5


your agd doesn't work in v1.4

speedrun in v1.4

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This started off one way and ended another, as usual.

**AGD in N v1.3; probably won't work**
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