The Submarines

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Author Kaylab
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Created 2009-11-25
Last Modified 2010-01-06
by 19 people.
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Description Gone... Just like that.

Few Tips for This Map:
-If you want a speedrun, just avoid the first launch pad, and jump across the bottom mines section.
-If trying for an AGD, at the right section before entering the bottom section via the middle, wait just enough time to avoid the gauss, and jump in time to avoid hitting the left mine next to the rocket.
-If going for an AGD try to beat the drone that you encounter at the top right block.
-Be Mindful of where the gold is, and if you're going be able to hit it.
-Have Fun.

Comment tell me if this style of harder gameplay and slightly less asthetics is better or worse for you, then my usual maps of course.


This map was featured on 2009-12-25

Moving along from that frigid winterland, a jump and a skip to the sea is all we need to refresh ourselves. Below the ocean (and maybe even below the ocean floor) there belongs a strange and interesting machine known as the Submarine. The mysterious Kaylab corporation manufactured these as if taken from The Beatles lyrics themselves. The feeling of underwater exploration is heightened here by the various mechanisms which allow you to let go of gravity and grab hold of something pure and beautiful. — origami_alligator

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I liked this.

This is stylish and deserves more than a three. !Rateup

I wonder

if you spent time on this?
This is actually fantastic. The gameplay is fresh, and the atmosphere is very nice. These more restrained maps are much more fun then your sprawling open ones.


wonderful map.


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Christmas rocks


was too crowded for my taste. The flow was surprisingly fun. 3.5^
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this agd can be much improved upon, but it looks like I'm fastest so far.

Faved. This map is oozing with wonderfulness. It catered directly to my playing style of having everything flow from one moment to the next without feeling too pressured. I liked how you have 4 different enemies to avoid (not including mines of course) in the middle section where you jump down to meet the rocket and gauss. Great use of space and tiles worked well for what you were trying to achieve here.
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And a faster speed

(mainly because it's a speed).
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Demo Data
Don't be so quick to jump to assumptions.


the rocker, guass turret and 2 of the floor guards are useless... 3/5
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If you have any trouble at all, please feel free to use the tips above ^^^
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