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Author RadiumFalcon
Tags action author:radiumfalcon i iz k rated sry
Created 2009-12-29
Last Modified 2009-12-29
by 8 people.
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Description ded to Leaff for me being an ass-clown to him.

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He has hordes of accounts. Here's the "reason" for the sniping, if you can call it a reason [] Woe is me and all that self-pity nonsense. Ah well, I must be a pretty decent mapper to be hated so much.


your complaining and f-bombing me is out of control. get a grip



hahaha, i get you.

that pastebin was empty the last time I checked - this keeps happening. But don't fret, I will send you a start. At the moment, whenever I start a map, if it looks like collab material, i intend to send it to you, if it doesn't, i finish it straight off. The only problem is, i don't sit down to map nearly as much as I used to, not too mention a massive lab report that's been all over my shit for the last two weeks.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, you're at the top of my to-collab-with list, and it's definitely going to happen, I promise.
Just so you know ;)



excuse me?

well I

apologise then


it's not like I'm saying you're wrong, it's that every new person to submit a fairly okay map you call them multi-accounters. :/

Eh. I guess that guy was either a multi-accounter, or pakwan attacked with a vengance.

Collab again

Please :)


Is agd possible? The chaser is cool, too long though.


lol yeah thats the funny part.

also, go on fb. I sent you a friend request.


can i join too

do i need moar expereeience tho?
or am i 2 krakeny?


can I join the-riot?
I'll try my best :D


of course it is


Is that last gold (very bottom) possible?


Yes, please PM the info.


The map is good.


The gameplay in this map wasn't too hot I'm afraid, I shall elaborate. The gold didn't really draw me in, it seemed like it was placed for the sake of placing it, the awkward jump getting past the drone (which proved to be pretty good at killing me), and the general lack of enemy coverage brought this down. Try to make a map that is the same difficulty the whole way through. In this one it was intense-intense-nothing.

The tiles are still seemingly incoherent. There's no apparent togetherness with shapes or anything, it looks like the tried tactic of placing tiles that has died. It lacks substance, which is a very hard thing to define.
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haha, got the demo while you were fixing, HAHAHA!!!!!
Demo Data

I might have gone a bit overboard, I'm really sorry if I did. I was kind of irritated before I even read it and I just... blargh. :@

Thanks, though.




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