Sea Monkeys

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Author SkyRay
Tags author:skyray featured rated sea
Created 2010-02-26
Last Modified 2010-02-26
by 12 people.
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This map was featured on 2012-08-16

Sea Monkeys is a faultless example of how a single enemy (along with an army of mines) can seemingly dominate an entire map. No matter where you go, that laser will keep harassing you until you either win or die. Well, you can go hang out on the right side with the mines, but where's the challenge in that? Combine that with stylized gold, a creative bounceblock setup, and some tricky oneways to get yourself one hell of a map. — Aidiera

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and it was really good
I think "why the hell didn't I play this, what the fuck is wrong with me" and then it's really good.

SkyRay maps are seriously artistic.
But I still love this maps to pieces.
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Demo Data


You didn't give my review 12 hours!


Flawless. 5aved.
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Fantasmic tiles.