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Author blackson
Tags 1 action author:blackson featured rated
Created 2010-03-06
Last Modified 2011-09-23
by 22 people.
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Description Yep.

This map was featured on 2010-12-26

Blackson struck pure, simplistic paydirt when he made this map, with gold, mines and enemies in all the right places. The rockets are on you the whole time, but never make those tunnels too annoying. And I wouldn't call the drones a non-factor, exactly, though they serve mostly to fill the empty space with movement and extra drama.

It being a Blackson map, there are also numerous 5 tiles present, giving Arrrsssetc a ruined, shattered look. However, the jagged edges in no way diminish the map's charm or smooth gameplay. — flagmyidol

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and you can still value free services. Google is hardly worthless, nor is Wikipedia.

Also the answer to why that drone is there:
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A little easier to complete than I would have liked, though. 4.5^

cool 4/5

sub 200 :D
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Fun map. I like the tiles, although I question why the drones were even there.
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but alas
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if someone gave you $20, it doesn't become worthless. You can still buy things with it.


when you rate maps, it says '0 (worthless)'.
Well, this map is worthless, because it didn't cost anything :D

3.5 rounded up, not my kinda map

pret cool

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it's good

but i'm not all that into the aesthetics. or really the gameplay either, not really my kind of map i suppose.


Fastest AGD

Nice map, cool gimmicks.
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All I can really achieve :/
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this is a great map. 5aved & thanks for featuring it.
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fuuuuuuuuuuuck you koipen :/
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Sweet map.
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second try agd

good fun. nice
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next to you so yu can do that squeeze with bettero
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yeah well i disagree with skyline about everything
/me views Skyline's comment
/me looks at map.
/me chuckles.


I remember this. Excellent map, very enjoyable to play. The review described it perfectly. Thumbs up flag!
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<Sunset> Which map?


<reindeer> Blackson, I just featured that map with the columns, Arrrrsssenatt or somehting.
* Sunset ( has joined #n
<reindeer> I enjoyed it lots.
<Festive_Blackson> Awesome!
<Festive_Blackson> That's my favorite map ever.

Jumped the gun slightly, but due to the previous feature being from Down Under, it's been at least 24 hours.

A newer AGD. Still going to feature this, yep.
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Wow, just wow. You have a canvas which you make your own.
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You justify '5' tiles. 5aved.
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Almost forgot

this map is really fun. The drone mechanics worked well and the rockets were fun. 5.


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Excellent map.
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Better AGD

I keep coming back to this :)
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This is really fun. The tiles allow for a wide variety of cool jumps and the enemies are really well balanced. Faved.
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Overall I liked it.

Different concept, when I looked at the thumbnail of the map I thought it would never work. Though, it did work very well. Faved.


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