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Author astheoceansblue
Tags author:astheoceansblue featured unrated
Created 2010-03-25
Last Modified 2010-03-25
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Description 洞窟物語

This map was featured on 2012-06-26

astheoceansblue is one of the best mappers of our time, and this map is among his finest. You need not know what the title means, nor the description, to love this map. Think of it as a 'cave story' of sorts, in which you play an explorer in a world full of movement but void of sound. Be fast on your feet or the mimis will get you. Be cautious and wary of the dangerous akai hana which coat the floor. And if you check your receipt, you'll see that this is just what the Doctor ordered. — Aidiera

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Ty. <3


That demo really sells the map to me actually...

Holy fuck

that is a nice demo from A_Pony there.

*all time

Because it's all about me.
As opposed to the previous generation's time? ;D


why does atob have so many features?

...because he fucking deserves 'em.
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Hopefully a Dronie nomination. 5aved.
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love it
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oh, and also

the launchpads/thwumps were ace. Great amount of mobility and interesting interaction. I love the decorative tiles.

awkward & slow & messy AGD:
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mahi is

silly, I think.

Logged on.

Executing chat algorithm.

Fun map. Took me a couple thousand tries to get it down, though.
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Romaniac = small fry
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I don't think this is derivative of anyone. It plays very nicely and I especially liked the launchpads.
I totally agree with toasters. pretty much what I would've said. :)


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Thanks Toasters.

I really appreciate that, I spent some effort working on the subtle aspects of this so I'm glad they've been noticed. :)


Aldaric pretty much said it. All the subtle little flourishes are great. It's like when you're playing your favorite game and you discover some new mechanic you didn't know about, and you're like "Oh man, the developers didn't really do that on purpose, did they?" It's a cool feeling :3
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Man, I /really/ do need to learn how to type.
Really appreciated mate! :)

And Mahi:

"i guess. some would call it a 'style' though."

It is a style, I didn't deny that. However, I have a style too, but I try to vary the look and feel of my maps as much as I can. Of course I have spurts of similar themes every now and then, but overall my archive is quite varied.

I think you could put a little more effort into your style to make it a little less repetitive, but then that's how I like things and it's not for everyone.
I liked this this much That is a lot. At first, I felt lost. It was hard to register everything. Then, I played it a couple of times, and found a fun path quickly. Not only are the aesthetics nice, but as always the gameplay was perfected to a point where I think your the only real robot on this site. :P Some things I was delighted in - Only 2 gausses covering so much map, and providing so much fun and direction. The bottom thwump and how it interacted with the switch in the pit and the gold on the bottom of the tiles you start on. The top thwump was always there to give me a helping hand. The launch pads helping me flow/fly through gold that would have be annoying to get. The fact that there were so many different mechanics without using that many different objects is awesome. Just little subtle things, and it all fits perfectly together aesthetically and flowily. My favourite mechanic was the top left. Where the gauss on the right combined with the floorguard to protect some gold and a key. It was soooooooo cool how you had to jump up the little e-tile tunnel to get the gauss of your tracks. Not only is it a cool mechanic, but it was expertly executed. It all felt so natural because the floorguard made me want to jump up there, gauss or no. There is a rush of excitement caused by the floorguard, then you jump into that little area and... The map transforms... everything stops and it feels so graceful and peaceful... a moment of peace. Then a fun fall and jump, and your out into the thick of it again. Faved and <3'ed.
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i guess. some would call it a 'style' though.
but yes -- i agree with you this felt MUCH more atob and maybe a hint of kiaora?

i liked it but the mines created too much tension
And I don't think it feel Mahi at all, perhaps a vague visual link, but very slight. All other aspects couldn't be further from his style.

If anything, it has much more of a kaiora vibe.


the classic 'they all look the same'

can't say i agree. they all have different tilesets and object placement, even if the change is slight.

thats my opinion though.

are not all like that. :X

sorry for teh double post


the disabled ratings and the description 'gloomptastic'. if you skim thru my previous maps, you'll see they

Fair enough.

I like them just fine. :)


i just don't like your recent maps tbh

You know

you never have anything nice to say mahi, it's very dull. :/

seemed very generic

like my maps :x


even though I got the last gold after I finished :D

great map. I had a lot of fun with that thwump falling down to the gauss. really sweet mechanic there.
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nice map usual lol