New Haven

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags author:astheoceansblue borderlands nreality rated
Created 2010-04-09
Last Modified 2016-04-21
by 16 people.
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I've added two things:

1. The tunnel areas now have shade that covers you as you explore them.

2: Secret passages, look at the areas behind the blue screens carefully.

Image map, for maximum enjoyment play using nreality []

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cool cool

it would appear to be 'nevada'

give him a little time. if needed i'll get him on irc or facebook if possible


love that game


this came out on my birthday

Mind if i make a level with some of this in it?

The windows

kind of just came to me for this one. Out of the blue.

The shadows were inspired by the art style of the game Borderlands, which is cell shaded. I imagined a light source at a certain point and painted the shade accordingly.

How do you design your image maps? Especially the windows and shadows.


Super-cool map


so damn cool, bloody awesome game.
i recently got all the DLC expansions and have been having a blast with it

i love the

translucent blue screen thing going on in this. nice image too, conveys a nice atmosphere. faved
Amazing atmosphere coupled with a really fun and flowy map. There are so many ways you could play this guy.

I'd review this if I still had my reviewer position :P

really awesome

definately one of best image maps?

This is probably the best imagemap ever :D 5aved

love it



Hidden passages shown (not that it isn't obvious from the thumb).
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That is so


Oh wow

i've seen since, destiny's last feature.

very enjoyable

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This will not happen again.
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