Steam Machine

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Author Solis_Team
Tags action author:solis_team pheidippides playable rated riobe
Created 2010-04-15
Last Modified 2010-04-15
by 14 people.
Map Data

Description Today, on the Hot Maps page: Solis Team rides again, as Pheidi and Riobe set off on a whirlwind adventure to rid themselves of mapper's block. Can the dynamic duo overcome one of mapmaking's oldest obstacles? Find out!

Riobe's first official Solis map! Enjoy.

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love it!!


will there be any more maps coming?

Oh wow

I never realize the Solis_team was mapping again. We ought to all do one big collab with every member of the team we can scrounge up
And it looks beautiful.

Man I forgot how much of a legend you are. I missed you, Mechtra.



Yeah, I didn't much like the lasers either. I quite liked the overall setup of the map though.
Demo Data

One laser too many, perhaps?

Great pack it was, though.
Steam Machine. Faved for later - this looks interesting :)
and the map is sexy, aesthetically and gameplay wise. the fact that it is only 3 ninjas is an insult to the competence of our Numa users. Absolutely a 4. Well done guys.
But I wholly agree with maxson here on the lasers. Good enemy choice, but they were not placed well imo. 3.5v
Demo Data


but it looks good

hey sunset



great maps guys :D




if there was one aspect of this I didn't like, well, I didn't find that aspect.
faved, I will put in some work on a demo later.
The lasers, while not impossible or even hard to get by, pinned you down and just made you wait sometimes, which was boring more than anything else. Not what I expected from you two D:


boring, but ok.

nice tiles.

Not a fan.

As r_t early said, the gameplay and style is something I've played many times before.
The first leap down makes me feel like Batman jumping down a skyscraper.

Love it. Faved.
the hell is wrong with the world