The inferior miner

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Author formica
Tags action author:formica playable race rated
Created 2010-04-15
Last Modified 2010-04-16
by 24 people.
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Description Have you ever had those moments where you're all "Wow, remember that one racemap with the huge jump [] formica made that one time? Well, I REALLY hope he capitalises on the popularity of the first one and makes a similar, but less fun, sequel"?


5 years on from originally posting The Crazy Miner, I decided to knock up a shoddily made sequel in 1/4 of the time! Which you can now ENJOY QUITE A BIT, BUT NOT AS MUCH AS THE ORIGINAL!

Lucky, lucky you.

(Made for _destiny^-, because he asked for another map in this style)

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lets us down. Maps like this disappear too quickly

This is awesome man

Though you're right in the description, this isn't as good as TCM or SMW. Still really loved it though, and all the more so because you actually did my request <3

I love you, man :D

Formica!!! :0

Epic Win

5aved, just like I did to the original months ago.

Edit: Link added to description! I screwed up my BBCode the first time around.


doesnt even look like a race map


Nice follow-up.


Excellent presentation. I was surprised at how fast I was going after that first big fall.


I thought I was on the random page at first, amazing to see you on hot maps.

Great map! 5aved


I give it a 5. Flow and speed are everywhere.
That last jump just tests our ninja control, after the breathtaking mine pass through. (bad wording I know ._.)

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sorry if im freaking out but i havent been on lately, school and such.
was the mine placement. and this map is no different. when falling i always felt like i was gonna hit a mine. i love that about these maps.


Do you think you can make one that's better than The Crazy Miner?


i like the last jump. it's good to break the flow sometime and let us think a little :D
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But I will round up. The only thing I didn't like was the last jump if you go fast you over shoot the trap doors, and if you over shoot them and land in the the spot with the gold like I did in my demo you tend to hit the mine that is above the door. You should never have to slow down in a race. Other than that, this was awesome. :D
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waht the fudge? :O

formica? :O:O
lolz, last thing i expected here,

But original was better.


It's too hard to me and I didn't believe that there's a flow, but I watched romaniac's demo... I couldn't do it, but...


This is great

except for that very last jump. I love that big fall, and all the momentum is conserved around the bend and back up again.

linky []
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Truly great map, though I /was/ prepared to lie and say it was really awesome even if it hadn't been.

nevershine, try N v.14's userlevels, or that forums thread with all of the maps over 100 rates.
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that would be nice.