Life, Universe and Brainstone (300th)

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Author brainstone
Tags 300th action author:brainstone rated
Created 2010-05-18
Last Modified 2010-05-19
by 37 people.
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Description Yes, this is my 300th map. Thanks everyone for your support and friendliness and your commenting and your wisdom and your everything, you know who you are.

Thanks to Da_Guru, Ferox and Lsudny for playtesting.

Now enjoy the map, please rate and comment.

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300th (i forgot)


I was referring to the fact that everyone who has commented/demoed has most likely rated as well. Not that comments have any effect on the float system.


don't have any effect on the float system.

(I'm not saying this to turn around and accuse you, but rather, to show off my extremely diverse wealth of knowledge)

Oh yeah,

Congrats on 300. Quite an impressive number. Here's to many more. :)

Congratulations Brainstone! Here's to many more maps ^_^

5 outta 5 ninjas

good sir, this map is the excellents.
faved as well.
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That jokes is stale and moldy.

Anyway, Furry, there is a map with over 1195 fives. It's an N-Art.

If you ever need to playtest, I usually get on every day.
it was just a surprised comment.


Of course you didn't m.a. There are tons of comments and demos to back up the ratings.
It would nonetheless be detected with this IP check.

five by 32?


i enjoyed, but since that is not what you were looking for, i won't rate (but i have to comment in order to notify you)

Nice map

and happy 300th!

Congrats on 300!!

slowwww AGD
Demo Data
Congrats on making 300.

Ok, changed it.

I`ve never noticed that. But actually "Isudny" is spoken much flowier and faster" :P

[what Nexx said]

4aved. Happy 300th, man!


happy #300

Congrats !
Pretty cool flow, and still very open gameplay.
Loved it.
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Time to rate a 5!

happy 300 man!!!!

hope you'll celebrate !!!
there are two flamingos in the top of the map!!!

hard but cool map

this is overall pretty well made, but I don't like the doors on top. The chainguns are particularly sweet. ;)

your earlier maps often had a great style but lacked in good gameplay. However, you managed to develop an even cooler style and get some cool gameplay up and running! Congrats!


That is quite good.
But my favourite brainstone map is this [].

Pretty good

Looks great, IMO, and the gameplay was decent. I had kind of a hard time finding a decent route the first several runs, due in part to that annoying rocket but also due to the complexity of that section. I dunno, I just feel like that bottom area (with the rocket) could've used a bit of simplification. But otherwise it was fun. Good stuff. 4/5
Slow AGD:
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Non flowing lines in the tikleset are great!!!!
Chaingun area couldn't be any better.


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conflict with every one of my personal preferences ;___;


My criticism is the same as everyone elses.. 4aved.

Congrats on 300 though!! :D


Agree with squibbles. The chaingun area was perfect, but the rocket just wasn't
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Amazing map


Are you sure it's your 300th? Because the '300th' in the name is throwing me off. *chuckle*

Well, doors on top of oneways is never a good idea, and there were several kinks in the gameplay, but it was very enjoyable, so it's 4aved.
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congrats :]

The rocket area

was unbelievably frustrating. Good, but not "flawless".


look awesome. the chain gun placement is perfectttttt


Great map, loved the non-linearity of it. Some nice structures, especially movement wise - it really flows. The opening rocket was a little annoying, but that's nitpicking, really. This map has earned its 5.

congrats on 300 ^^
Demo Data
great to see that and happy 300th! you're welcome.
there seem to be several flowy paths, which I found exciting to explore.

please answer my pm! thanks.