Scrap metal tower

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Author brainstone
Tags author:brainstone retile2 unrated
Created 2010-06-10
Last Modified 2010-06-16
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Description Retile il. I don`t know from who this map was. Do you?
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Phantom-rocket is gone now.


Don`t have any explanation for that.

Sweet look, but there weren't enough tiles of substance on the left to deal with the rocket. Also something weird happened.

As I approached the top-right, a rocket appeared a few spaces under the horizontal gold. I hadn't been paying attention and sort of assumed it'd been there the whole time because shit doesn't just happen like that. What actually drew my attention to it was the frozen rocket sticking halfway out of the little shooter. In the courageous spirit of scientific inquiry, I killed myself on the fledgling rocket.

The end.

Might wanna tag it retile2?

this is amazing.

Ah, no!

I was saying that the chaingun sniped me right when I got the switch, as the demo suggests.


quite fun.
Demo Data


I saw knate's comment first and was about to tell him he was going about sniping horribly wrong.


By the way you should probably know that the word "snipe" is in NUMA also used to say that someone rates a map a 0 for no reason without leaving a senseful comment.

Haha, sniped.

Demo Data