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Author Seneschal
Tags action author:seneschal chainguns retile retile2 retileii unrated
Created 2010-06-12
Last Modified 2010-06-16
Map Data

Description For the retile competition.

Whoever chose this object set now has -1000000 respect from me D:<

EDIT: Original map: []

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what a map!
Demo Data


This is a great map. The last chaingun tunnel created a nice difficulty curve!


what's up man? you should definitely get back into mapping anytime soon. ;)


I liked the style.

@ furry ant: Yeah man, I noticed my mistake. No, it was on purpose, a stylistic device. :)

@ Seneschal: Don't worry, I guess we were both kidding. Shall we declare a truce then? Being friends again? (Seriously, I don't want -1000000 respect from you.)

I absolutly love this map. The amount of chainguns means their a bit slow to aim at you, which in turn makes the map playable but still exciting. I also love the excitement in this map; bullets flying everywhere. Seriously a great map. I am jealous.
phoooow, 14 chainguns!
You make me feel bad. I'M REALLY SORRY. Why you of all people?
There was no harm meant, when I chose this to be retiled, but I was curious, what would be done with those objects. In my opinion it was a demanding task and you did quite well. Nevertheless I would have made the drones stationary by enclosing them with tiles, they could reach to many places in your map. Tileset's pretty good, though.

Sorry again, you know I would never offend you.
it was da_guru, in the dining room, with the RIDICULOUS OBJECT-SET.

Wait, what?

Sorry about that golfkid, I must have loaded the wrong demo data by mistake >_<

APG demo

Would have been nice to have been able to get to the last 4 gold. But still a pretty nice way to incorporate all those chainguns. Now I wanna know what the original map was :)
Demo Data
especially the last corridor.


my retile map was from palemoon. I think all the maps to retile come from different people (that would make the most sense, at least)


want to join

This is great.

I have a sneaking suspicion palemoon may be behind your unfortunate set.
I /wish/ this was mine XD