no line on the horizon

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Author RadiumFalcon
Tags 2-years action anniversary author:radiumfalcon radium radiumfalcon rated
Created 2010-06-17
Last Modified 2010-06-22
by 17 people.
Map Data

Description On June 16th, 2008, young RF submitted the first map on an account entitled "RadiumFalcon".

That's right. I've been here for two years. It's been great, guys. NUMA has been the best online community I've ever joined. I love the sense of family here. I plan on staying for years to come. Love you guys!

special thanks to karmap0lice for playtesting :] (he's a great guy)


SECRET LOL: I've actually been here.. a bit longer ;)



<@jerrod> Radium, the point is.. you totally are this guy people love for some reason.

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Exactly 200 frames faster.
FBF'd because I can't do it realtime :P
Demo Data

Thank goodness my self-esteem isn't nearly low enough for your opinion to matter much. Good pick on the collab map. You're right, the tiles are kinda bland, but flag and I thought the gameplay made up for it.


here's that map data you agreed to collab with earlier []


I think I'm with Mirage for that collab group comp, sorry. But yeah, I'd love to do more collabs with you guys.


sorry, i must have been high when i made this []


sorreh man

i forgot to look D:

what could I do anyways? we should just start afresh.


like on irc
i only use script on NUMA


The demo in my avatar is from this map the demo is at the bottom of the page. Although you have already commented on that map, so I assume you have watched the run already, but please watch it again.

cool beans


jerrod said that?


i liked the left side and bottom of this, but felt the middle was a bit awkward with the laser/gauss combo. there just weren't enough landing options.
still, pretty cool map.

44 hours late, but thanks a lot :] this map is really good, glad I got the ded for it

you listen to U2?

anyways, happy anniversary. :)

Congrats! :D

I love you, man.



this corner kick between two mines is just incredible...
RF should make a ded to you just for this amazing speedrun.
Right, RF ? ;P


looks messy, great map though. 4.

very very difficult

Demo Data

we should collab

hop on IRC sometime.



Demo Data
happy anniversary :D

this was neat

I'm not liking the laser in some situations, but solid.


maybe too many mines, too restrictive, but still fun.
Demo Data

Happy anniversary RF ^^

open. nice.

nice. gold is amazing.

get back on gmail!

you're silly btw


i fail at chimney
Demo Data

too difficult for me.



that was quick.

you've changed

from worse to better.

so damn awkward

great enemy placement though... no way i'm agding this.

/me orgasms

/me cries
/me orgasms again
/me rates 5