Bicycle Kiss

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Author Seneschal
Tags action author:seneschal retile retile2 retileii unrated
Created 2010-06-17
Last Modified 2010-06-17
Map Data

Description Not sure about this; will probably tweak with feedback.


My first instinct that these objects were romaniac's was correct :D

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nice demo

My most recent race

is dedicated to you. you won the challenge

Thanks! And also hi.



You left so unforeseenly, I wasn't sure how to deal with that. A great mapper like you should have said goodbye properly. :/

Anyway, good to see you're still there, yet not mapping anymore. I hope you can still have some fun with my maps - go play'em! :)

Played my recent map! Are you back? Answer, please!

What happened,

where are you?

yes, where are you?

please show us a sign of life!


hey mate, you might wanna check the forum, i sent you a message. round one of my contest is over and i'm awaiting your judging results. thanks.


you were right. I love the lower section. It appears to have so many routes.
I felt overbeared having to tackle both at the same time. Shame one didn't protect the gold.


twisted tiles and many objects left unused - created this unique atmosphere only your maps have (I reckon)...



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