whatever you do stay dizzy for me

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Author Onesevennine
Tags action author:onesevennine featured gauss rated retile retile2
Created 2010-06-18
Last Modified 2010-06-18
by 15 people.
Map Data

Description still map 199.

for retile II.

This map was featured on 2011-03-10

Say what you will about retiles, but Onesevennine's whatever you do stay dizzy for me exemplifies a perfect one, dare I say even going beyond the original. Only given a handful of floorguards and three gausses (and some loose change objects), he managed to create a magnificent level, full of puzzling jumps and trick paths. Not even its linearity was able to decrease the fun I received while playing this. Excellent map, man. You get an A+ and fifty gold stars. — Life247

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Me and my mysterious alter-ego are still in your profile!


wait, hold on

what was the original of this map? I never saw it.
I have the most of something on NUMA
my existence is now validated


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is one of the best retilers, but this isn't one of his best retiles imo.

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"going beyond the original"



Congrats on the feature.

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Reminds me a little

of a Brttx map without the flow, but not in a bad way.

Some cool moments like running under that mine on the one ways, and a decent sense of adventure.

As a retile it's very good, but had it been a map of its own accord I think some of the object placement would have bothered me.

Oh moony

you jest but the truth is this place has gone to crap lately in terms of creativity.

You might think I'm a dick for being so critical, but many of you do more harm to the creative process than good by championing things without giving constructive feedback along side.

Whatever though, if you need the cheap shots then I guess you're welcome to them.

if you would like a list of very well made action maps (whatevers and do's alone), I'd be happy to present you with one.

Good choice.



this had its ups and downs, but overall, this map wasn't really my cup of tea.

Pointless mines;



you up for a riot collab?


I hope this does well.
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Aha :D

my objects <3


Oops, soz about the never-ending italics.
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This is just too good to be a retile. It's not much to look at, but it's immaculate. I would marry this.

Very Good.

Four and faved.

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Love this.


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