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Author RadiumFalcon
Tags author:radiumfalcon challenging moa-reject rated
Created 2010-07-14
Last Modified 2010-07-16
by 6 people.
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I strongly remember

editing this but I can't find a response of mine on any of your maps. Did you get my revision?
was my favorite Xano song for a while until recently, now it's Broken Eyeteeth... look it up ;D

ANyway, having trouble expanding on the tileset aspect lol, like i said, mappers block. However I started on the first enclosed section you had to the right.
...what I've thought since his last 20-30 maps. :3


i'm guessing you don't have msn because you're all like american and shizz ;)


radium, i wanna do a 20 map wild-west themed collab pack. you in?

Just submit it.

You owned my version :p

Sooo bland.

Hopefully, you can make it more interesting...
fantastic map! interesting structure, great placement and very fun to play. i love the crosshair of gold in the middle
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Demo Data

Hey bro

You know who STACEY is? kthx


Still brilliant as ever.

good crit

changed it

this part is a relatively good mechanic that this little aesthetic mine arrangement mucks up. right now the mines placed farther apart than all the other little mine columns in the map by one space. by placing the floating mine one space up you fix the aesthetics while making the gameplay better at the same time.

also, no one will notice anyway!

i forfeit


i love this map

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watch my demo

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i can't get the bottom right key though ;_;




I like malice!

*makes clicking sounds*
Until you crashed into the mine lolololololololololol

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my time there was good. but it's time for me to move on.

please rate, folks.
I'll miss your colorful maps there ;__________________;