Fractal Cage

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Author chume14
Tags author:chume14 cage fractal rated scale tile-set tiles
Created 2010-07-23
Last Modified 2010-07-23
by 9 people.
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Description Tile-set was originally for a map that I'm still working on but it turned out I couldn't really use this one. Nice scaling effect if you haven't please check out my previous and 50th and awesome map they'll also be another cooler map tomorrow :)

no. 51

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Very improvable
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and messed everything else up
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People seem to really like your maps, i can see why as well! good stuff


People seem to really like your maps, i can see why as well! good stuff

Good to see you're still active somehow, yet not submitting new maps. How are things?


I beat Vankusss!

Btw, this map/tileset is awesome.
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to your message on the forums. Sorry for it taking so long!


is cool.

Aww :(

But still though, neat concepts. The prologue is still mpre epic than most/all of its type :)
good to see some competition on the map I do think it plays quite well for speedrun


possible, check glib_jases demo up on Nreality.
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Awesome tiles.

I'm gonna use them. 5aved

This is

a damn optical illusion o_o
Naah, but it comes close (:

Thanks mist

though I think it's faster to go left
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Awesome tiles. :) 5/5 for gameplay options available.
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