OCD - A Puzzle

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Author UniverseZero
Tags author:universezero image-map imagemap nreality ocd puzzle rated
Created 2010-07-25
Last Modified 2010-07-25
by 14 people.
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Description ***NREALITY***

Damn, this took a long time. Good luck; it's very puzzling. :P


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did a quick agd run on NReality


the 12 is for the seconds hand?
if it was exactly 9:45, then...


why do you have to get the twelve? 9= hour hand on the 9, :45= minute hand on the 9. but the 45min would move the hour hand 3/4 of the way to the 10...

now it makes sense!

this is a great map.

Awesome Puzzle

Not only hard to understand, but also hard do play. 5/5.
SPOILER: For the first puzzle, it's says that the time is the digits of pi, 6:39. The sixth digit of pi is 9, the third is 4, and the ninth is 5. So the time is 9:45, and you have to get the hands that would point to 9:45.

someone tell me

what the lion is talking about :Z

lame. you dontactually have to do any of the riddles to go through

I don't know why the answer to the first puzzle is 9:12 and it's hard not to accidentally hit additional switches.

In the first one

you only need to push 12 and 9. (I played it without the image). Still not sure why...
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The most simple is the second question, this is just a calculation and the answer is 364. For the third question, it's more simple as it look. 1/2 of 5 = 3, so 1/2 = 3/5 and we have multiply the first therme by 3 and the second by 2.5. Just do the same opperation on 1/3 = 3/7.5. Now take 3/7.5 of 10 and you've the answer. But for the first question i really don't understand...
The "good evening" say we have to take the 12 i think because it's after midday but the 9 ?! Please give the answer :P

Anyways really good map, i just want to say AWESONE and excellent job, cauz i know it take time to make the image an realise a concept map like that. 5aved obviously and sorry for my bad english.
i thought we had moved on to tau or something

great concept map

but I don't get the reasoning behind the first question. It doesn't really seem like a question at all, because pi has a lot of digits. It's not added to the time, so I'm not sure what you do with it.
Demo Data
Agred with C_B. 3


i feel dumb


26x14 =364
i didnt work