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Author Sunset
Tags action author:sunset catinacia finals unrated
Created 2010-11-11
Last Modified 2010-11-11
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Description Finals are over! :D

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I understand completely.

I'll pass the tileset onto the next person to work on it, and after we've all edited it, we'll work on objects. Got it. Will put that up now. I won't count my edit though. :)


Where is the map at right now, considering you and jasdanu have already done your parts. :)
So are we all making parts of the map? Have we all decided on areas to do?

( Oh, and I'm working on a demo for VERY VERY HARD :D )


You've confused me with the whole crossout thing. Put it in pastebin or something so it doesn't get altered by NUMA.

Second: Not sure why we're are all making maps for the tiles individually. Care to explain?

Third: I made a VERY VERY HARD concept map, with the list. Is this right? Is there anything I should put down?
Cause I should probably add them to the list...

Quite nice...

Made a few adjustments which don't actually affect the gameplay : here []

Has anything else actually happened?

lol much. ;D

Three days at the beach and I'm already out of the loop. :P

So, what have you organised?

Here's the problem:

I can't make tiles to save my life :(

Or good ones at that... have you seen my maps? :P

I'm going to make another map to advertise the collab, but I'll wait on your response. Maybe one of the collab people can make the tiles? I'd be happy to help with objects though :)

Oh, and on a slightly related note, I think we should get an N-Reality person to make an epic image to go on top - optional for the players of course. :D

why disable yours ratings map???
you know you're the guy from the heights...
I think I told you so





These map

have a lord_day aura about them.


If I could vote, that is.

I like it.

The lasers fill the otherwise empty areas quite well...I would have liked a more cohesive gold placement, but that's just opinion. 4aved.
Still haven't beaten this map though... laser gets me at the door switch every time.

Quick question...

Are you cambridge, or some other system? We may have just had the same exam. >___>

Nice lasers. Nice tiles. Nice map. :)