Man of the people

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Tags author:nightmare619 glass rated sequel z-quel
Created 2010-11-24
Last Modified 2010-11-24
by 5 people.
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Description Because sunset praised so kindly.

Note: this map is intended as a sequel to:

Show me some all golds! This one makes you work for it... :)

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Absolutely great. I love how flowy it can be. I would have preferred a nice pattern of gold in places where there's only 1 piece.
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Hi there.

You still around?
but there is just to little gold
not worth going for it
cause it gives you 2 seconds one piece (I think) you waste more time collecting it (well if you'r noobish like me :D)
to mutch risc going on for 1 piece of gold
but I'l give it a 3.. yeah a 3


I like this type journey maps.

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Demo Data


Demo Data

thanks! :D

love the gold here.