Mauvetest: Bloxed1

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Author mauve
Tags author:mauve bloxed1 tileset unrated
Created 2011-01-22
Last Modified 2011-01-22
Rating 5 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description ----Contest Rules----
This is a two week long contest
It will be judged by lsudny and I
Anyone may participate
You may use my tileset
You may retile any tileset (Make sure you give credit to the person)
You may make your own tileset
The tileset must be block themed using only blocks
If anyone does not comply with the rules they will not be judged
It does not necessarily have to be all e-tiles
You may use any type of tiles as long as it makes a square, rectangle, or parallelogram.
The prize is to be decided by lsudny and I
X and C snapping
N-reality is allowed
tag your map with bloxed1 or you will not be judged
Have Fun and be Creative :3

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Demo Data

Who won, and what did they win?

who win the contest?

Sorry but

Can i tag a map than i've already made and after make another map if i've the time (and so delete to precedent one)?

my first modest attempt: 12-1: George of the Jungle []

nvm. they aren't parallelograms...

does this [] count? technically they are blocks...

I'll make another map :/
I made this one a while ago. Is this okay?

Squares and Stuff []


map []

Demo Data

Demo Data

Whenever I make a block map, I get accused of copying blackson. I will not enter this.
Demo Data

What about nos1?


for what is this good?
For my personaly n-game house? :D



what is with the nos1 contest?