19-3: Small Steps

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Author zoasBE
Tags additionalchallenge author:zoasbe uap unrated
Created 2011-04-14
Last Modified 2011-04-14
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Map 099

Two modes to play and complete the Map
1. Play the Map as a Normal (Complete, AGD, Speedrun)
2. Play the Map with Special Rules - Beat the Additional Challenge

No Golds

Play the Map looking the way to complete without picking up any Gold.
Try the Fastest Run beaten the Map without Gold.
Show me your Run. Njoy!


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see my comment on the map.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude please help me I am freaking out right now!

Alright I will take a deep breath. I literally just looked at my histogram, and it went in the past 10 minutes from being rated 4.5 avg to 2.5-3!!

OMG, I literally just recieved 100 0s. please help man you are a friend, what is going on? Do you think bio did it? I talked to him about my histogram like 20 minutes ago when I was rambling... would bio be the type of person to snipe?

Sorry to bother you, although check out my map comment, I agree and will take your advice into account.


when you get to the top and then halfway down. and die. its not worth it.


Nice floorguards.
About the additional challenge... I can't resist the golds! GIMME THE GOLD!

Demo Data


can I still make a bonus map, or is it too late?

also, for the map

have you made a mistake with your logo in the top-right corner? or is it just the first version of thumbnail that doesn't update for me?
and i was just listening to his track :p that's cool though, seems like i'm not very alone with psy music in this community. do you know shpongle? they don't exactly make psytrance, but their music is kind of a mix of world music, dance and psybient. really enjoyable for me, great stuff. you should know simon posford, he's responsible for that project along with raja ram who plays flute. check them out.

You have seen that my mapping has dropped a bit. I apologize for this. The reasons have varied. This is going to change and now submit regularly.
And, just a map for 100 !!!