It's Raining Outside

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Author Dareson
Tags action author:dareson dareson featured fun medium playable rated
Created 2011-11-02
Last Modified 2011-11-02
by 11 people.
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Description Silly NUMA, it glitched when I submitted it, now it says I have 12 maps made when this is only my 11th. Can this be fixed?

This map was featured on 2012-09-19

It’s raining outside. The falling water splashes against the windows, requesting admissions into my world. Thunder.

It’s raining outside. The whole sky is filled with ominous clouds and I get the chills just looking at them. Thunder.

It’s raining outside. As I watch, lightning dashes across my gaze, filling my mind with splendor. Thunder.

It’s raining outside, but it might as well be raining inside me. Thunder. — Aidiera

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You're a damn poet, Aidiera. Truly great review! <3
Map was fun, particularly trying and finding the fastest route.
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i'm still freaked out. THANKS AIDIERA!


nice coincidence. :D
I check into n for one freaking day and I see MY map on the front?!?!?!? Thank you guys so much.

idkay about this

I liked everything but the ending, so I guess it was pretty good.
Though I was hoping to hell for something hidden behind that bounceblock :(

Um, anyway. Nice to see some of the more simpler maps being featured. Faved.

really nice map.

the ending is hard, but really satisfacting. 4.5^
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feature in a while imo
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Really like this map, and agree with everybody else so far about the ending... its great!
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I've had the same problem. It's obviously annoying at first but you'll obviously get used to it. I just put a notification on my profile pointing out the correct count.
5aved. I hope you're not a multi, because you are a great mapper. I have high hopes for you.
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I tried to submit a new map... and it failed. 3 times.

NOW... I have FOUR nonexistent maps on my profile.



delisting a map means that you will be removing the map from appearing in your profile. For example, I have submitted 4 maps; however, my profile only says that I have 2 maps because I delisted the other two, and you would only be able to see them if you have that map's url. It looks like this [].

So if you have a map that you don't like, you can delist it, which will decrement your map count back to 11 maps, but anyone scrolling through your profile will only see 10 (e.g., all of your maps minus the glitched one and the one you delisted).


Would delisting a map basically remove that map that was never submitted from my # of maps?
one of your maps, which will fix the map count, but which will mean that it will be difficult to find that delisted map.


I liked have an accurate count but w/e


that's quite strange .. double submissions are quite frequent (just look at my comments below), but usually both submissions will be playable. You're forever stuck with one extra map =p

I like the tileset

I'm not quite sure I understand the ending .. the gameplay was good upto that point though.

I like the tileset

I'm not quite sure I understand the ending .. the gameplay was good upto that point though.