We Will Bury You

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Author martyr
Tags action author:martyr challenging playable speed unrated
Created 2011-11-03
Last Modified 2011-11-03
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Description I'm going to disable the ratings on my ext few maps to get back up to par, so criticism is GREATLY accepted. Thanks everyone!

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But I do realize now its a little sloppy. Thanks everyone, ill try for another today
but since you asked, I felt like the mines in the very top left section were a bit clashing, especially since the three right ones on the wall aren't really all that necessary given the theme. I'm also curious as to your decision process for the z-snapped gold in the exit switch room. possible changes: (thats only a matter of personal preference, as that's probably closer to how I would have made it, given the tileset and theme. I dunno, I've always liked uniformity).

Tileset is quite snazzy, gameplay is good, in particular the launchpad over the floorguard is quite nifty.

You really know

how to make a perfect balance of difficulty and map lenght.
and use of floorguard is perfect too ;)
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i like this map a lot. sexy floorchasers
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was my favourite area.

Really enjoyed some parts.