38-3: the first o (advertising)

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Author zoasBE
Tags author:zoasbe mappack rated uap
Created 2011-11-06
Last Modified 2011-11-06
by 8 people.
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Description this is the first map in my new mappack, are only 10 impressives retiled maps from amlt, I just upload on NUMA two maps, and as always the best are in the pack.
so, download it!:

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Quick speed

Great map to start the pack :D
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Liked it

The gauss and the tile/object placement makes it a fun yet challenging journey upwards. The aesthetics of the map are pretty nice as well.
this is my first run through of the map, I saved it, so maybe ill do an agd later.
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Ohhh Yeah

mate not bad not bad

Yes, please.

More maps.

more maps zoas pliss

this is ridicilous.

i just left the pc, on phone now. Maybe tomorrow..


thanks for help with the upper part :)
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i'm getting in on this action.
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this battle is great guys! How will win?


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your turn...
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sorry, dude. Can't now. On phone. I want to chat too, but i can't. I wish i had a laptop :c
Pretty chill map. 3.5^
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Oh you

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you make me laugh, sbills...




Nice. The gauss provides a fun time going up.
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I liked

altho a bit empty :\ but agd is fun, 4
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