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Tags action author:ndeavour inspired meta-esque rated simple
Created 2012-04-04
Last Modified 2012-04-04
by 7 people.
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Description Because I thought I would log in for old times.

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I Spy It's going to be okay. Avenger Happy Halloween Numa! YOUR LEFT INDEX FINGER IS NOW DIAMONDS The Verbification


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slow agd

I really liked the close calls. 4
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Old flames still burn bright.

see the 'Active Authors' page right now, it's beauty and delicious!
I smiled. Glad to see you man.


good, could use work, 3.5v. Welcome back.

All golded

different route. Good to see you still remember us.
In case you didn't know, NUMA's been down for quite a while, and has only just been fixed in the past week or so. So, good timing.
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And a demo with all gold as well.
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