Twin Spooks

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Author RandomDigits
Tags action aidiera ardee author:randomdigits drones rated spooks
Created 2012-05-20
Last Modified 2012-05-20
by 7 people.
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Description Collab with Aidiera []

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Thanks to Aidiera for the route.
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On 90ms/frame OH YEAHH
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agree w/lsudny

the gameplay was not bad. i didn't like the 5-tile gaps, you should've put oneways there to smooth it out.
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AGD Sub-1200

Really fun map ;)
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haha super fun

i'm hitting myself for not thinking of this idea sooner!
It was simple yet fun. I loved the way you used the mines as one-ways. There were these three out-placed gold tiles, but who cares! 5aved.
here's an AGD
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