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Author RadiumFalcon
Tags author:radiumfalcon dusty moa-accepted old rahi rated rf-collab
Created 2012-09-03
Last Modified 2012-09-03
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description one of my favorite collaborations with mahi []. made on 12/31/10.

enjoy, my friends.

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you ever gonna post that mappack :D? i wanna play it

pm'd you some stuff. do whatever you want with it.

I gotcha. would you be up for one more collab for my pack before you retire?

on another note, I dig the fast-paced action in this map. very "on your toes" kind of stuff.
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I like

pig with balloon.


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...faster AGD...
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...faster Speed Run...
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the beginning would be cooler if you went all the way from the bottom of the pipe

awesome fun!



not good but sub 2000 agd
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Thought I'd join the party.
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Switch in a bounceblock..

Looks nice.


...faster SR... he says i havent made a map in a while im about to submit 50 of em' hahahaha...
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can be improved.

not much xerces, i haven't made a map in a while. i'll be submitting my 50-map pack soon.
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...faster speed run...
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...the only AGD so far and its real thereisaspoon your AGD isnt complete you died...

...YIN-the gold was fun to get, the drones killed me often(placed well haha),and this map has good race-ability...

...YANG-floor guards piss me off :P,and the tiles werent beautiful...

...still 5/5...

...radium! whats up brotha?...
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I find this nicely complex and incredibly fun to play.


fun, some nice flowy parts
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