02-0: Mountain Range

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Author Dogintes
Tags 11 author:dogintes dogco1 dogep2 featured rated
Created 2012-10-07
Last Modified 2012-10-07
by 14 people.
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Description Wheee, new episode.

This map was featured on 2017-10-01

I haven't the right words to honor Mountain Range; but a map of such elegance & wit assuredly deserves your attention. It's a joy to explore: to work out its mechanics, to tease out the quickest route, and to simply traverse its slopes & passages. This is a map I return to perennially, and it never fails to charm me anew. — Tempus_Fugit

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Good ideas and

medium execution. I think it is a better mock-up than final piece. That said, it's fun, cool, and good.
I expected more and got very little.
This map's originality is its best selling point, for sure. There are some neat mechanics here.
The bounceblock mechanic is clever, but it is a little fickle and frustrating at times. The laser was a good enemy choice, although it was really ineffective on the return from the switches. I also found a standard completion to not really be viable since the laser's beam is timed so that it cuts right down the middle of the shaft if you don't go for that upper gold and still go that route, or pins you down by the exit door if you try to go below. 3/5
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Sub-1000 AGD


5aved, beautiful map.
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it took me a while to understand the locked door mechanic. :P 4/5
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I come back and there are quite a few ratings! Thanks guys <3


fun. more fun than it looks.
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great tiles and atmosphere too
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Loved the jumps in this. Faved.
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