57-4: White, This Is Not A DDA

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Author zoasBE
Tags author:zoasbe rated uap
Created 2012-10-10
Last Modified 2012-10-10
by 15 people.
Map Data

Description Fortieth Bean,
An finally from a 1211's HyperLink. []
A real test of nerves. Only for experienced players.
Enough Challenging as a good xx-4 in the end of a column should be.

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This is really fun!
no agd yet, but I'll keep trying.


Bean collected :D Fun map.
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Too messy for me.

Shows some decent awareness of how the game works, but little creative flair and the look is unstructured in general.


my speedrun

slow but definitely improvable
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hey zoas

how's the MOSS report going? :D

This is hard.

I always fail when trying to have the goal key and the other button. Still this was fun to try bouncy walls with "double jumps".
you know me, i never get angry at criticism, no matter how harsh it may sound. i completley understand the level was pretty shit, infact the whole 14th episode was pretty shit. the only good map in it i can think of is 14-0 Seeping Through. dont worry bro, im not actually angry, just a bit upset you didnt like the level, thats all:) ill be sure to make my later maps, more flowy and fun.

hahaha, so close remm, keep it up!

hah ;(

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why whats wrong? dont you like it?

skilful map

with nice tricks and i had fun dodging the gausses 5/5 you should feel very proud after producing a map like this:D
also, what did you think of my level 14-4?

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ends at 23..
I'm just addicted to this map right now, sorry.
This has now become one of my new personal favorites.
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wow ZTHING! just wow!!!


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...sub 800 SR...
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...bean collected...
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Faster SR

so close to sub800 but I'm done, I'm happy with it!
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... wtf...
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My original speedrun at the playtesting stage. Decent but still improvable by a lot.
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so close!
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Death demo.

This is cool.
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